Best Free Stuff During Coronavirus Quarantine USA

If you live in USA and looking for COVID-19 coronavirus freebies, we got you covered. Find the best free stuff for your coronavirus quarantine. While you’re stuck at home don’t worry, help is always there from people who really care for others. We have gathered some quality COVID-19 freebies such as free games, free foods, free movies, free ebooks, free video tools, free internet and more to help you cope with hardship of self-quarantine, and lockdown. However, the world seems to be together in confronting the COVID-19 Pandemic. And many companies are offering quality freebies, free learning of new skills, freebies for your kids, free entertainment, free fitness, free food, free education, free products, and more. However, there are tons of coronavirus freebies you can enjoy with your family but only if you know where, and how to find them. We have researched the web to get you more browsing options to find FREE items during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Free stuff during Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

Sweetgreen for hospitals & medical personnel

Krispy Kreme is offering FREE DONUTS to healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic

Uber Health will provide transportation for front-line health care workers, both to and from patients’ homes, as well as between health care facilities

Crocs is offering freebies to healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic


It has been a disastrous period worldwide as the coronavirus pandemic continues to destroy lives, and has many families forced to staying at home doing nothing. However, life goes on, those of us still living must find some ways to spend our time. And some notable organizations, and companies are offering everything for free. If you are quarantine or facing a lockdown, browse below links, and get as many COVID-19 coronavirus FREEBIES as you need.

Samsung Kids+
Discover free baby and free kids stuff for your children. This company has a library of FREE educational games, apps, books, videos, and more, packaged inside an app for kids to use and also very easy for parents to control from any device.

If you work on large files, Meerodrop will allow you to send a file up to 10 gigabytes for free.

Peloton is offering FREE workout classes in a variety of categories. And also an extended 90 day trial to their app.

The best free stuff while you’re stuck at home

Companies Offer Deals, Discounts and Freebies Amid COVID-19

Companies are giving out freebies to help people cope with coronavirus lockdown

Best Free Stuff for Your Coronavirus Quarantine

Deals, Freebies, and Benefits Companies Are Offering to Help People During Coronavirus Pandemic

Businesses giving free stuff to first responders, medical workers

This company will allow you to start your own podcast. Their software will let you interview guests remotely, add sounds and post your show all from your computer or any device you use.

This company lets you to connect with your kids on a virtual play date for FREE. Connect your kids with on screen activities like drawing pictures, playing games or reading a book together.

Get a FREE Kinedu app that will help you fill your day with activities with your little one.

COVID: Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Allbirds give to medical workers

Here are the freebies companies are offering during coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus freebies: Companies giving out free stuff

Free things to do online while at home during the coronavirus lockdown

Lots Of Fun Things That Weren’t Free Before Coronavirus Pandemic

Deals, freebies for first responders & healthcare workers

Perks and Freebies for COVID-19 Healthcare Workers

Tripit Pro
Tourism and travel generally has been halted due to coronavirus. Nobody travels now therefore, you can take advantage of a free subscription to Tripit Professional services which includes keeping you updated about changes and alternative flights. Get a FREE travel companion app that will keep you informed soon as normal travel between countries resumed.

Sling TV
This company offers FREE TV programming which also includes quality movies, video games, and shows for kids and families.

This company is offering FREE access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, supporting staff, and health care professionals in the US.

Wander Internet
This company is offering FREE internet access for families in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. Visit the company website and use code SCHOOL2020 to subscribe for FREE internet.

Tax Day freebies, deals are limited due to coronavirus pandemic

Companies are giving out freebies to help people cope with the pandemic

Coronvirus: Freebies & discounts for NHS workers – Pulse Jobs

300 COVID-19 Deals, Discounts and Freebies

Perks and Freebies for COVID-19 Healthcare Work

Deals, Freebies, and Benefits Companies Are Offering to the Public

Coronavirus: Here are the freebies companies are offering

Spectrum Internet
If you have pre-K to 12 or college students, this company is giving you two FREE months of internet service. However, to qualify, you must be a new customer.

Apple News+
Get FREE Apple News app on your phone and get access to hundreds of magazines. You can get access to reading magazines in a variety of topics including news, style & beauty, food and cooking, sports, entertainment, travel, science & tech and many more.

GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home
This company offer FREE online resource for parents called “Good Energy at Home”. This includes learning materials used at elementary school like movement and mindfulness videos for your little kids.

Best Free Stuff for Your Coronavirus Quarantine

Freebies for Nurses During COVID-19 |

Freebies & Deals to get you through Quarantine – Daily Deals

Freebies for Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus Quarantine

Freebies for Kids with Autism at Home During Coronavirus

Discounts and freebies for health care workers for Nurses

Coronavirus Freebies – Huge list of FREE Stuff You Can Get Now

Businesses giving away free stuff to first responders & medical workers

Did you find all the Coronavirus Freebies you were looking for? We will keep updating the post as we find more COVID-19 coronavirus freebies. Visit our website regularly to get more information about freebies & deals to get you through coronavirus quarantine, lockdown, and more.

Best Free Movie Download Websites

If you are searching for free movie download sites, free movie apps, or free movie downloader, welcome on board. You don’t have to spend your money watching those classic movies and TV shows when you have the options to download and watch them for free? We all love to watch movies and classic TV shows for free. Therefore, if you are looking for safe websites where you can legally download movies for free, we got you covered. With the introduction of modern technology, you don’t need to spend your money to watch your favorite movies when you can download and watch them for free. Here you will find some of the best websites that allows you to watch and also download movies for free.

However, to watch movies for free, you just have to follow the process – stream movies from the websites as many times as you want. We researched deep to provide you the options to search all categories for your favorite movies and TV shows. Here are some of the best free movie download websites who also offer free online streaming services:

Much as you also know that free things doesn’t come that free however, you need to be smart and beware, as most free movie files and websites could also lead you to downloading links to dangerous computer viruses that could knock down your computer. Therefore, before downloading your preferred movies, just make sure the movies are safe, and legal to download to avoid getting into trouble, or knocking down your entire computer devices. Whether you like streaming movies for free, or likes to download them without paying a dime, we have gathered together huge list of movie websites where you can watch movies online, and also download your favorite movies and TV shows for free.

1 – Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix is no doubt one of the best free movie and video streaming websites preferred by most movie lovers. They not only give you the chance to watch free movies but, also allows you to download and stream your favorite movies for free. There website is very easy to browse because they categorized their movies – drama, horror, family, comedy, and many more. Hence making it very easy for you to watch movies on your computer, and mobile phone.

2 – Retrovision

Retrovision is a free movie download website where you can find drama, comedy, Adventure, cartoons, and several other classic movies and TV shows.

3 – TopDocumentaryFilms

If you like watching free documentaries then, you will love this website. TopDocumentaryFilms is one of the best sites for real life and true story documentaries. They also help you to browse by categories – global, crime, war, conflict, and more.

4 – Classic Cinema Online

This website is for those who love to watch free old classic movies. if you are a fan of oldies, this site will serve you well
because you will find different categories of classic movies, and TV shows.

5 – YouTube

YouTube is the best place to watch free movies online, and is been recognized as the world’s largest video-sharing website, knocking out other competitors. YouTube also provides free movies and TV shows that are hard to find in other movie websites. To watch free movies on Youtube, simply type the name or title and search for it.

6 – Pluto TV – Channel

Pluto TV is a free internet-based TV platform that provides multiple channels to it’s customers. If you are looking for free tv channels to watch online, Pluto TV is the place to be because they provide you with channels categorized into news, TV, movies, sports, and more.

7 – Vimeo

Vimeo provides free movies and documentaries to customers, and is also a well known video-sharing website for fans. Here you have the options to upload, share and view free videos without spending a dime.

8 – SnagFilms

SnagFilms is a free and a video on demand website where you have the options to watch documentaries and films that you can’t find anywhere else. The site is available as a free app for iOS and Android, and also good for kindles, and more.

9 – MoviesFoundOnline

If you are searching for 100 percent free movie download website, this is the site to rely on. MoviesFoundOnline is a free movie download website where you can find free movie content from around the world. They will give you the options to browse through the categories. And if you are looking for a particular movie, their website is easy to browse because they maintain a list of movie offers including free movies, comedy, documentariess, drama, animations, many more.

10 – Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a free movie download website where you can download and watch free movies and TV shows without opening your wallet. You can also find popular free movies and TV shows that are not available in other movie websites.

11 – Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is a free movie download websites that will help you to select the categories of movies to download. You have the options to download and watch free horror, drama, and many more.

12 – The Internet Archive Movies

The Internet Archive’s Movies is regarded by movie fans as the best free movie download website where you can download and watch classic films, documentaries, and digital movies for free. You can also download movies in different formats.




15 – 123 GOSTREAM



18 – VUMOO

19 – 1337X MOVIES




23 – YTS



26 – 123 MOVIES


If you still want to check out more free movie download websites, here are more trusted websites that will let you legally download, and watch different categories of movies and TV shows for free.

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13 Free Movie Download Websites — Watch HD Movies Online

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Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites That Are Completely Legal

Top 20 Best Sites to Download Series for Free Legally in 2020

Free Movie Download Sites Like mydownloadtube

Top Free HD Movie Download Sites | Best HD Movies

14 Best Free full Movie Download Websites 2019/20

Free Movie Download Websites – Street Directory

Free Mortgage Advice

If you are searching for free mortgage advice to help you take up a mortgage deal, we got you covered. Are you ready to take the giant step to a new life? Tired of renting? Perhaps you must have realized that it’s much more cheaper to buy your own house than paying the monthly rental. But before you jump into that, there are things about mortgage finance you should know and take into consideration. Whether you are refinancing or first time buyer, you must consult a mortgage advisor or an independent mortgage broker who will search the market to find the best cheap mortgage deal for you. Stepping into a mortgage finance agreement is not only a big commitment, but also a risky one that requires no error or “had I known” mistakes. Therefore, you must seek for home loan advice or services of an experienced mortgage adviser to help you. Though the services of most mortgage brokers and advisors does not come cheap, and that is why we searched deep to gather together some of the best mortgage advisors that offers free mortgage advice to first time buyers in particular.


Mortgage advice – Should you get a mortgage adviser

Mortgage Advice – Free Independent Mortgage Advice Service

L&C Mortgages: Free Mortgage Advice – Mortgage Broker

Cheap Mortgages – find the best deal 2019

Fees Free Mortgages – Fees Free Mortgage Broker

Fee-Free Mortgage Advice – Key Solutions

Mortgage Advice Bureau

It’s Either Hell or Habito | The Free UK Online Mortgage Broker

Free Unbiased Mortgage Advice. StepChange Financial

The true cost of ‘free’ mortgage advice – Financial Review

Online Mortgage Advisor: Mortgage Advice and Brokers

Free Mortgage Broker in Nottingham | Walton And Allen

Top 20 Independent Mortgage Advisers in London

Mortgage Broker – Unbiased

Mortgage advice – Should you get a mortgage adviser?

Which? Mortgage Advisers | Independent Mortgage Advisers

Choosing a mortgage broker – Which?

Mojo Mortgages – Your free Online Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker in Derby – Open & Honest Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Broker in Durham – Open & Honest Mortgage

Five myths about offering mortgage advice in the workplace

Free Mortgage Advice – Mortgage Advice Scotland

Online Mortgage Advice NZ | Free Mortgage Broker Advice

Mortgage Broker Essex – Find the best Mortgages 2019

Mortgage Broker in Birmingham – Trusted Mortgage Advice

Mortgage broker Habito to give free advice

Free Mortgage Advice In Strabane | Mortgage Brokers Strabane

Mortgage advice | FCA

Mortgage advice for Hygienists | Lloyd & Whyte

Border Mortgage Services: Berwick Mortgage Advisor

Neil Catley | Apollo –

News | MortgagesRM – Doncaster Fee Free Mortgage Advisor

MortgagesRM – Doncaster Fee Free Mortgage Advisor

Using a broker | ASIC’s MoneySmart

Mortgages | Police Mutual

Free Mortgage Advice | Jones Robinson Estate Agents

Cavendish Financial Solutions

Getting a mortgage – Shopping around for a mortgage – Sorted

Mortgage Broker In Harrogate – Help with All Mortgage Types

Mortgage Adviser, Mortgage Broker Nottingham

Free mortgage advice – Ocean estate agents

Mortgage Broker in Manchester – Mortgage Advice

First Time Buyer Event | Free Mortgage Advice | Santander UK

Mortgage Broker in Sheffield – Mortgage Advice in Sheffield

Mortgage Broker in Hull – Trusted Mortgage Advice in Hull

Mortgage Broker in Leicester

The Mortgage Advice Service: Expert Mortgage Advice

Community Mortgage Services – Simple, friendly & fee-free

Mortgage Broker in Coventry – Mortgage Advice Coventry


Mortgage Broker in Grimsby – Mortgage Advice in Grimsby

How a superior mortgage broker in London can help you?

Trussle: The UK’s Favourite Free Online Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker Newcastle – Mortgage Advice Newcastle

Request a free introduction to a Australian mortgage broker

Free Mortgage advice and brokers

Mortgage Simplicity: Free Mortgage Advisor

Mortgage Broker in Beverley – ALL Purchases & Remortgages

First Mortgage: Free Mortgage Advice

19 Best Ways to Get Free Stuff Online

19 best ways to get free stuff online 1

If you are searching for best ways to get free stuff online, welcome on board. Learn all the tricks about how to get free stuff online without spending a dime. If you have been looking for free stuff on regular basis but not getting them, something must be wrong somewhere. And you need to read and browse this post to find out some of the best ways to get free stuff online. Free baby items, free stuff, free beauty samples, free hair product samples, free foods, and free items are everywhere and you can get them from reputable top manufacturing companies and retailers from around the world who are using free stuff and free samples as promotional items to attract potential local and international consumers to test new product brands. Irrespective of where you call home, you could get free stuff from companies around the world. Several international conglomerates, manufacturers, and retailers alike are using freebies as promotional tools to attract potential new customers, and have made the universal distribution of free stuff and freebies much easier. Though their are still some huddles and obstacles in some countries as free stuff and freebies are tax free in many countries. Here are 19 tips to help you learn how to get free stuff and free samples online without purchasing products. You can also apply them with some modifications that suits the kind of free stuff and free product samples you need.

1. Know How to Search With the Right Content.

19 best ways to get free stuff online 2

Good quality free stuff can be obtained on the internet but only if you know how to search with the right content. The simple trick is knowing what you are looking for and where to find related free promotions. If you know the right contents, search engines and websites to look, it’s possible to find and get all your favorite free stuff, free product samples, and other freebies without spending any money.

2. Keep Searching.

Most people complain they have been signing up for different kinds of freebies in many companies, but still haven’t received anything. Don’t give up if you really want to be getting free stuff on your door step regularly. Free stuff are all over the place, scattered in every nook and cranny of the city. So you must have to find a means to get them or you can apply a method already used by other smart individuals.

3. Search Engine.

Many websites distributes a good number of free stuff and samples that can be sent locally and internationally. Enter the phrase “free stuff” or “free product samples” into your search box. Use any search engine (Google chrome, IP or Firefox etc). If you are looking for a particular free stuff or sample, but cannot seem to find it, enter the exact content (product name) in search engine. The smartest trick is to enter the item you are looking for into the search box along with the word “free” either before or after. If you do not receive a good results, it means there are no freebies or free samples listed in such item or products. However, you can modify your search by entering the term “+ free” enclosing your phrase with quotation marks. Obviously this will limit your results to the specific item you are looking for.

19 best ways to get free stuff online 4

4. Know Kind of Free Stuff you Need.

One of the first steps on how to get international free stuff or local freebies is by being precise as to what freebies or samples you really need. However, giving out freebies and samples has proven profitable as companies use it as a promotional tool to test new inventions in particular hence providing broad selection of opportunities, and giving the public the luxury of being selective.

5. Make a List of Freebies you Want.

Make a list of free stuff and product samples you really need. By having a list of things you are most interested in finding, the search becomes easier and saves you time. Although some resources provide actual free stuff or links to where free stuff can be found, others are more focused on one or a few specific things. If you know what kind of stuff you need, then you have a much better chance of completing a successful search.

6. Consider all Possible Resources.

You must have to consider all possible resources available. One of the more obvious is the internet where literally hundreds of websites offering free stuff and samples can be found. Though internet is no doubt the best place to find free stuff, it is not the only place to consider when searching for free stuff and free samples. There are companies that provide free stuff and free samples for a variety of things simply by registering directly on the company’s website, but there might be some stipulations, such as online surveys and more, but most are optional.

7. Look for Free Stuff Information.

One great option on how to find both local and international free stuff and samples is to ask friends or check out for freebie information. However, because this has become a popular way of getting free items, many people can share an experience and provide the place where they were able to obtain freebies. If you know of someone who does this, it would be helpful to ask names of specific resources or even companies that you too could search on and probably obtain your own free stuff and samples without wasting much time and money.

19 best ways to get free stuff online 3

8. Engage in Company Services.

Some companies do also consider offering services in exchange for free stuff, this is also a new popular trend. Example of such services includes working as a mystery shopper, you could be assigned a job that might involve eating in a restaurant or shopping at a specific store. Once the assignment is completed and your report is submitted, the company would pay you money or the meal or item purchased would be free. This is one of the newest methods of getting free stuff online.

9. Take Opinion Surveys.

This is another easy way to get free stuff by mail or online. You give your opinion on products or services in exchange for free stuff. Several marketing companies are looking for dedicated people to provide opinions on products or services used. The information is then used to determine saleability of a product/service, which makes it possible for a powerful marketing strategy to be developed. For providing an opinion, you would again be paid money or sent a gift card, given a discount, or provided with an actual tangible gift free.

10. Use a Free Email to Avoid Spam Mails.

To be more precise, sign in with a free email account and use it just for your free stuff hunting. It’s not recommendable to use your personal email address when signing up for freebies because the advertisers will flood your inbox with spam mails, and nobody likes to see thousands of useless mails in his/her inbox everyday.

11. Use a Free Phone Number.

Get a free phone number from Google voice and use it just for your freebie hunting. Do not give out your own personal phone number when signing up for freebies, to avoid those annoying solicitation calls from inquisitive callers, and telemarketing companies soliciting for virtual customers.

19 best ways to get free stuff online 5

12. Sign up for Many Free Offers.

There is no limit as to how many freebies you can apply for therefore, sign up for as many free offers as you can get, because not every offer will deliver. Make it a habit to sign up for as many offers as possible to increase your chances of getting all your offers, or at least eighty to ninety percent of them.

19 best ways to get free stuff online 9

13. Be Patient. Most people tends to be in a hurry and wanted the freebies and samples urgently, hence cannot wait for long time. You must have to be patient. Most free stuff and samples takes long time to deliver, in some cases, it can take up to weeks or even months to deliver. Therefore, apply for offers at different intervals so you could receive them at different dates. Don’t forget to appreciate and acknowledge receipt of your free stuff whenever it arrived, so the company would be compelled to send you more freebies and free samples regularly.


Sites With Free Samples—No Surveys Required

Legit Ways to Get Free Stuff Online

How to Get Free Stuff Online Without Paying a Dime

Best Websites to Get Free Stuff Online Without Paying – Zero Dollar Tips

How to get free stuff online without paying any Money

Ways to Get Absolutely Free Stuff Online (Without Paying)

19 get free stuff online without paying 1

14. Don’t be Too Selective. Who doesn’t like high quality stuff or product samples? But when it comes to given things away for free, the pride of quality seems to derail. As a freebie fan, you have no choice here, you must have to go for anything classified as free stuff irrespective of quality or value. However, if you kept on selecting the quality of free stuff that the company or organization will send to you, the chances are, they will drop your request by the side and pay more attention to those with no special demands. They will definitely send all available free stuff to people ready to receive anything specified as free stuff before considering your request. Don’t be too selective.

Yo! Free Samples: Get Free Stuff By Mail & Free Stuff Without Surveys

How to Get Free Samples by Mail Without Surveys

Free Sample Boxes – The Balance Everyday

Legit Ways to Get Free Stuff Online Today (Best Websites for Freebies)

Ways to Get Free Stuff Without Surveys or Credit Cards

Sites To Get Free Samples Without Surveys Mailed To Your Home

Legit Ways to Get Free Stuff Online Today

19 get free stuff online without paying 2

15. Send Your Request Only When You Need Free Stuff. It’s not a good idea to bombard companies with free stuff requests every month. Several people specially those with large families send requests for free stuff more regularly than others. You have to be reasonable, knowing that several other families in your category are also looking for the same free stuff. Though the companies will never complain, but when it comes to distribution of free stuff, they pay more attention to those new receivers. However, if you send requests regularly, you will not be getting the freebies frequently as you may have anticipated. Therefore, send your free request only when you have real need for the free stuff.

Sites to Get Free Samples Without Filling Out Surveys

Best Websites to Get Free Stuff Online Without Paying

How to Get FREE Stuff Online Without a Credit Card

Ways To Get Free Stuff Online Plus Free Stuff Hacks Without Paying

Trick To Get FREE STUFF Online Without Paying

How to GET FREE STUFF!! No catch, No Signup required!!

How to Get Free Stuff Online without Paying a Penny

19 get free stuff online without paying 3

16. Follow Company Rules and Regulations. There are rules and regulations guiding everything that companies does, and guide lines about free stuff is no exemption. All companies and organizations offering free stuff and free samples have policies – guidelines which they often follow on regular basis, and anybody who did not follow those policies have no chance of getting any free stuff. Some companies demand for online surveys from customers before sending out freebies and if you did not, they will not reply your request, hence kept you waiting indefinitely for the free stuff.

Amazing Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon: Guaranteed! – AMZFinder

Best Websites for Scoring Freebies Without Paying

Ways to Get Free Stuff Without Paying

How to Get Free Stuff Online Today: 25 Awesome Freebie Websites


Get Free Stuff Online! Check Out These 42 Freebie Websites

19 get free stuff online without paying 4

17. Give a Very Clear Address. The key requirement for getting requested free stuff is to give a very clear contact address so the companies will send freebies to your address with ease. If your address is complicated, the freebies might be sent to wrong address and in some cases returned back to sender and that is not encouraging also because the companies will not send anymore free stuff to that address. You have to give a clear address to get your freebies on time. Returning freebies back to a company is a bad news because they will never send free stuff to that address again. However, if you have no home address of your own, find some one who does, and make an agreement to allow you collect your freebies via that address.

Legit Ways to Get Free Samples by Mail without Surveys

Verified Websites To Help You Get Free Samples By Mail

How to get free stuff without surveys (UK) — Student Skint.

Sites to Get Free Samples Without Surveys (100% Legit)

Top 10 Sites to get Free Samples by mail: No surveys no credit card

Companies That Offer Free Samples & Coupons (With Easy or No Surveys)

19 get free stuff online without paying 5

18. Request for Write Free Stuff. As they say, requesting for free stuff is one things but getting it is another. The problem is that some people cannot write down words and numbers clearly on the request form and that leads to sending you wrong free stuff or a long delay in trying to figure out what you filled in the form. So make sure you sent a request that clearly stated what free stuff or free samples you need.

19. Contact Other Freebie Lovers. If you still cannot find your favorite freebies or product samples after exhausting all avenues, try contacting other freebie lovers and hunters who have shared their experience online or at the company websites. You might as well go back to the basic and learn the fundamentals all over again.

Get Free Stuff Online by Doing Surveys – Coupon Cravings

Best Websites for Scoring Freebies Nothing but real freebies!

Get Free Samples Without Survey – Top 10 Sites

19 get free stuff online without paying 6

Try not to abuse the program. That they are free does not mean applying for all the free offers with the intention of selling them in your stores. Though most of the free stuff and free samples are visibly marked with the word “Free, Not For Sale”, therefore, do not apply for free stuff or free samples with the intention of selling them for a quick cash. Get only the free stuff and samples you want, and give others the opportunity to enjoy the program too. However, whatever lesson or advice you get from any site is only a suggestion, you are still responsible for your actions. You must have to follow your own instinct and be smart enough to make wise choices so you can get all the free stuff and free samples you need.


Ways to Get Free Stuff – NerdWallet

33 of the Best Freebie Websites

Ways To Get Free Stuff Online Plus Free Stuff Without Paying

Ways to Get a Ton of Free Stuff Online with No Surveys

19 get free stuff online without paying 9

The trick is, if you want to be getting free stuff or free samples on regular basis without interruption, be street smart, send a clear request to several top brand companies at intervals, do not be selective, don’t violate company’s policies, indicate a very clear home address, and send request to as many companies as you can find online.

Win A Free Trip

Win A Free Trip 7

Win a free trip to Europe, Disney World or International. Did you know that you can simply enter a free travel contest and have a chance to win a free trip to Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, South America, North America and more. Most people did not believe the possibility, but believe it or not, it’s happening and people are winning and cruising around their favorite destinations for free. Who wouldn’t love to travel around the world for free? However, going on a trip is expensive by all standard. The idea here is, if you cannot afford to travel around, try your luck and enter free travel contests and sweepstakes for a chance to win free trips. If you love to win free vacation giveaways, get on board, and we drive you through. You could win a free trip to Disney World, Japan, Hawaii, Dubai, Australia and more. Everybody loves to travel to new places once a while, but unfortunately, not every one can afford the ticket and related travel expenses.

Win A Free Trip 4


Win Free Trips Abroad from these Vacation Sweepstakes

Win a Trip for Two! – An Enchanting Adventure

Win a FREE Trip to Paris- Giveaway: Global Munchkins

Win a Trip to Orlando: Orlando Family Vacation Contest

Win A Free Trip to Hawaii Sweepstakes

Travel The World For Free: Win One Of These Dream Job Contests

Enter these travel contests to win free vacations around the world

Contests – the Luxury Travel Expert

Win a Free Trip or Vacation Canada – Contests, Sweepstakes


Generally, air fares are very expensive. On that note, several travel agents and tour companies are using it as promotional tools by offering free air tickets, discounted air fares and giveaway travel gears to help those who could not afford. If you like to win free trip sweepstakes, we have gathered some legitimate sites in one place for your easy browsing options. You just sit back trust your luck, and give it a try. The secret is to enter as many contests as you can. So what are you waiting for? Challenge your luck besides, you have nothing to lose. Here are the best reliable and trusted sites to win a free trip.

8 Great Contest Tips: How to win Cars and a Hawaii Trip

Win a free trip to Japan! UNIQLO Wherever You Go

Travel Agent Contests: Win Travel Package: Win Free Vacations

World Nomads Travel Campaigns: Enter & win your next trip!

Here’s how you can win a free month-long summer road trip

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Win a FREE Trip for Two – Grand Circle Travel Enter Our Travel Sweepstakes to Win Free Trips

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Free Vacation Sweepstakes and Contests Online:

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Top 47 Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas 9

If you are searching for social media giveaway ideas, we got you covered. Giveaways are a popular way to engage all your customers and build loyalty.  Learn how to create a successful social media giveaway. If you want to increase your social media audience and followers, you need to create social media promotional giveaways to attract more followers. If you give away some freebies or organize some social media giveaways, free events, contests and sweepstakes as promotions, people will definitely join you. However, if you don’t know how to start, or looking for some ideas, we searched and listed here the best social media promotional giveaway ideas that will surely help you. Find social media promotional giveaway ideas that will help you connect with your audience, and organize social media contests.

SEE ALSOSocial Media Contest Ideas to Engage Your Customers

Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas 8

SEE ALSOClever Social Media Giveaway Ideas You Can Use Today

The advent of computer and smart phone technology has made it easy to create social media apps, and better sweepstakes platforms that your audience will appreciate. Who doesn’t love free event tickets? Basic tips to running a social media contest: Decide what type of social contest you are running. Check your state laws on social media. Check the rules of the platform you are using. Decide how long you want the contest to run. Draft your terms and conditions. Measure your responses. Be timely in delivering the prize. If nothing obstructs in any way then, you are ready to go.

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10.Awesome Social Media Contests

Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas 6

Social media giveaway contest is a promotion aimed at your social media audience. The promotions often increases your email list in a short time and build brand awareness by allowing you to reach a new and bigger audience. If you are looking for social media services, company giveaway contests, or networking sites for a better way to grow your brand, we got you covered. There have been a ton of great social media giveaway platform and online contests that are the best ways to grow your business, media campaigns and brands. Find top social networking sites that offers great social media giveaway ideas that you can use to build great media contents. The rise of social media allows business owners to use social media giveaway app, software, and tools to easily create their own contests and giveaways that can build links to their sites, increase traffic, and create social connections with other websites, and blogs.

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17.Top Tips for Running Social Media Giveaways

18.How to Use Contests and Giveaways to Get User-Generated Content

19.How to Create a Successful Contest on Social Media

20.How to Run an Instagram Contest: Four Easy Steps

Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas 5

If you are looking for what steps should you follow to ensure your social media giveaway stands above numerous media giveaways, you are welcomed! Find Instagram Giveaway ideas, great Facebook Giveaways, Twitter Giveaway ideas, most popular giveaway contest types, social media websites, social media giveaway tips, giveaway rules, social media giveaway apps, platform, software, tools, online giveaway ideas, and more. If applied correctly, social media giveaways are proven ways to increase your page likes, interactions, followers, and the size of your mailing list. We have searched several sites to determine the best places to get social media promotional giveaway ideas that will help you connect with your audience and increase your social media marketing. Check out 47  best legitimate websites to get social media promotional giveaway ideas. We also provided you with many searching options to make sure you find what you need. Browse all the companies to get the best ideas.

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Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas 4

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Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas 3

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41.Social Media Giveaway – Mountain to Sound Outfitters

42.EVGA Wanted! Social Media Event

43.How To Run Social Giveaway Campaigns

Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas 2

44.Love Leven Rose on Social Media Giveaway

45.Social Media Sweepstakes Rules

46.Monthly Social Media Giveaway

47.Unwrapping Barneys’ holiday social media strategy

Giveaways are a popular way to engage all your customers and build loyalty. Hope you enjoyed reading the contents, and found the best promotional giveaway ideas! Whatever ideas you want to apply to increase your audience, social media giveaways is the best marketing tools to help grow your audience. And, if carried out perfectly, they can help you build a brand and good trust for you and your followers.

Social Media Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Best Sites to Find Free Proxy List

free proxy server 4

Searching for a free proxy server or a proxy list that will make your computer works easy and keep your files more secured? We got you covered. Even if you are a newbie trying on free web proxy, or already mastered the computer tricks of using anonymous server or online proxy, let’s refresh your memory a bit. According to research experts and other professionals in other computer networks, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. For example, a client connects to the proxy server, and probably requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server, the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.

free proxy server 3

Types of proxy servers

A proxy server may reside on the user’s local computer, or at various points between the user’s computer and destination servers on the Internet.

A proxy server that passes unmodified requests and responses is usually called a gateway or sometimes a tunneling proxy.

A forward proxy is an Internet-facing proxy used to retrieve from a wide range of sources anywhere on the Internet.

A reverse proxy is usually an internal-facing proxy used as a front-end to control and protect access to a server on a private network. A reverse proxy commonly also performs tasks such as load-balancing, authentication, decryption or caching.

An open proxy is a forwarding proxy server that is accessible by any Internet user.

An anonymous open proxy allows users to conceal their IP address while browsing the Web or using other Internet services.

free proxy server 6


Free Proxy List

Anonymous Proxy

Free Socks5 and Socks4 Proxy List

US Proxy List

GitHub free proxy list



Free proxy list online

Free Germany proxy servers

Free USA Proxy List

Anonymous Proxy

Free Proxy List Chrome Web Store

Free SSL Proxy List

List of Free Public Proxy Servers

Free Open Proxy Server list

Nord VPN Free proxy list

Best Free Proxy Servers List

free proxy server 5

However, proxies were invented by early start ups, and later perfected to add structure to distributed systems which otherwise would have been hard to distribute among different computer models.Today, most proxies are web proxies, facilitating access to content on the computer World. Search all proxy sites and discover the best free proxy server list you have been looking for, and also discover other useful freebies and giveaways.

Free Proxy Server List Downloads

Free Proxy List Idcloak

Free Daily Proxy List

Free HTTP proxy list

Free Daily Proxy IP List With IP

Free Fresh and Updated Web Proxies

Free proxy list service

Free and anonymous socks proxy list

list of free proxy servers

free proxy server

Best Legit Sites To Learn How To Create Shareable Content For Social Media

Best Legit Sitess To Learn How To Create Shareable Content For Social Media 4

If you want to learn how to create shareable content for social media, welcome on board. You created the most beautiful and informative content in your computer or mobile phone but, nobody knows about it, not even your best friends. If you don’t share it to your friends and to the world, the content will stay there in your computer, and will eventually die there because nobody will ever see it or read it. Therefore, you must have to share any content you created so the world would hear you. Content is a tool that helps people engage with others. It’s very easy to relay ideas, and modern technology has made it even much more interesting. You simply tweet or share a piece of content and that’s it, the user can make new connections with people who share the same interests as them.

Best Legit Sitess To Learn How To Create Shareable Content For Social Media 3


The 7 Secrets to Shareable Content

Shareable Content: 15 Ways to Create It That Will Explode Your Traffic

25 Ways to Create Shareable Content

10 Awesome Ways to Make Incredibly Shareable Content

The Psychology Of Shareable Content

12 Tips for Creating Shareable Social Media Content

6 Ways to Create Shareable Content

Qualities that Create Shareable Content

How to Create Super Shareable Video Content

The 7 Main Characteristics Of Shareable Content

9 Things You Need to Create Ridiculously Shareable Content

How to Create Viral Content for Social Media on a Consistent Basis

Social Marketing: How to Create Shareable Content

10 Tips to Create Shareable Content

Best Legit Sitess To Learn How To Create Shareable Content For Social Media 2

Learn how to create shareable content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and shareable contents on how to get free giveaways. Find top tips for creating the most shareable content that will explode your traffic and makes you good money. Find how to make shareable images, learn how to make shareable Google drive, how to make shareable Video, how to make shareable graphics, and how to make shareable Google calendar that will attract visitors to your content. Create content that shows your audience you’re the best in that category. There are many great content out there, therefore, you must know how to create content that stands out from the crowd, content that grabs attention, and wows people whenever they see it. Learn the psychology of shareable content for social media. Here you will also find the best legitimate sites to learn how to create good shareable content for social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

The Secret to Creating Shareable Content

Developing Relevant, Shareable Content

How to Create Shareable Content: 46 Tips From the Experts

10 Ways To Create Contagious Content for Your Social Media Marketing

How to Create Shareable Content

8 Tips on Creating Content to Be Shared on Social Media

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Diverse People Connecting With Social Media

How to Create Shareable Content – Business 2 Community

Create shareable content

Five Tips to Help You Create More Shareable Content Spin Sucks

How to Create Viral Content: 10 Insights from 100 Million Articles

How to Create Insanely Shareable Content

Create Shareable Content from Get Social: Connecting Your Business

How to Create Super Shareable Content for LinkedIn

How To Create Shareable Content

The 7 Secrets of Highly Shared Facebook Posts

PR Insight: How to create shareable content for social

Wondering how to create shareable content? This is a MUST read!

Real Estate Agents: 5 Ways to Create Shareable Content

How to create shareable content, beat algorithms

Best Legit Sitess To Learn How To Create Shareable Content For Social Media 5