Maria Went to Town

Maria went to township

Maria went to town was an epic story of a mixed race miracle baby girl, born by a HIV infected mom, who was lured to the city to work in a garment factory, but instead was forced into prostitution by organized human traffickers. Abangan village is a small enclave where everyone knows everyone, and their only means of survival is the traditional cut and burn hand to mouth farming which was only introduced after the hunting age era was abandoned because there were no more animals left to be hunted. Due to the geographical location of the village, they tend to marry each other because they do not trust to engage in intermarriage with outsiders with different traditions. Ole is the only daughter of her family living in a small hut just right behind their farm. She is one of the most beautiful and elegant girl in the village. She was deceived by illegal recruiters, who promised her a job in a garment factory that never existed and was lured into prostitution where she got pregnant, infected by HIV and died while in child labor. Her baby “Kiva” survived and was not infected by HIV hence was nicknamed “Miracle Baby.”

She tested HIV negative to the surprise of the aid workers. She was raised by grandparents in a farm village where she was discovered by missionaries who came to evacuate victims of volcanic eruption that destroyed her entire village. Kiva, later baptized to Maria was a mixed race baby girl nicknamed miracle baby by aid workers and missionaries. Born in a remote farm village by a HIV infected mother who was forced into prostitution by human traffickers. Her mom got pregnant, contacted HIV and died while in child labor. She kept to her tradition and preserved her virginity till after marriage and later became a super star celebrity.


The miracle baby was discovered in rubles of volcanic larva by missionaries who came to help evacuate victims of volcanic eruption that melted a nearby mountain and destroyed her entire village. Baptized to Maria as the missionaries established school, church, health center to help the survived villagers get back on their feet. Maria got interest in music and went on to became super rich and wealthy and the most successful entertainer in her country. She sticks to her village tradition and chooses to remain pure and virgin so she could give her future husband a special gift. Though tempted several times by different men, but she insisted and kept to her tradition. Her mansion was robbed, cars stolen, but was not deterred. She went on to organize a charity organization named after her mom, and used it to fight back against the illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

Through her charity, she was able to bring electricity, water, paved roads and scholarship programs to her village, prompting all villagers to give priority to sending their kids to school. Maria survived all the advances and temptations, and hence proving that it’s still possible to be pure and maintain virginity even while working and living in a big city. She organized a home coming concert in her village where she reunited with her first boyfriend, Marcus, whom she later married and gave her special gift.

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