No One is a Born Loser


Though some people were not born with great fortunes but, no one is born a loser. You become a loser only when you stop trying. It’s obvious that some people might react negatively to the term “loser” because God created everyone equal with value, worth and purpose. On that note, no one is created a loser but you can quickly became a loser when you give up easily and did not try hard enough to overcome whatever bad situation you found yourself into. As we strive to achieve our dreams and aspirations in life, it’s obvious that some people will achieve that objective successfully while to others it’s every which way but a loser and they eventually die trying. Based on that assumption, how do we describe or rather define who is a loser and who is not. Depends on one’s perspective, different people might have different opinions on how they describe a loser. Below are some definitions and attributes that makes one a loser.

Definitions of a Loser:

1. One that fails to win – Literally, failing to win in a competitive even makes one a loser. Though this definition applies to losing due to circumstances like in sports competition, academics, politics just to name a few.

2. One who takes loss in a specified way – Some people believe they are born losers and easily takes loses without even trying to revive the trend or input more efforts.

3. One that fails consistently – Continuous disappointment in a particular event may lead one to believe that they are born losers hence losing consistently no matter how hard they tried.

4. A person that loses – In real world someone that loses is a loser. Again this definition is only applicable to sports, politics, academics, lotteries, games and many other competitive sports and events.

5. A person that seems destined to be taken advantage of – Some people are so naive and narrow minded and believe that they are destined to fail no matter how they try. To them it’s every which way but a born lover.

6. A person who has failed significantly at something – Some people are afraid of failure and will never attempt a risky venture due to how they failed significantly before.

7. One that disappoints – Some people easily consider themselves a loser due to a disappoint of some sort and do not realize that some disappointments are actually a blessing in disguise but only people who are not afraid to take risk enjoys that disguised blessing.

8. A person who has fallen off the social ladder, climbed down the social ladder, jumped off the social ladder, or just never bothered to climb the social ladder in the first place. Yes some people especially those born with silver spoon in their mouth believe the world belongs to them and never care what going on in other peoples’ lives.

9. A person who is Depressed and unable to raise their social status – Some people simply consider themselves a loser if their life did not get back to normal much faster as they anticipate and throw the towel after many trials and errors. There are some odd qualities that characterizes a loser from every one’s perspective.

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Qualities of a Loser

1. Jealousy – A loser is likely to becomes jealous of successful friends or relatives and that could be a dangerous and deadly trait as some could do mean things out of jealousy.

2. Gossip and slander – A loser will always find fault and share some negative gossips and misinformation about their friends and families or their successful colleagues in the office, social events etc.

3. No ambitions – Losers do not believe they can achieve anything better and never get involved in trying new ideas because they have already consider themselves a loser and believed its every which way but a failure for them.

4. Naive & Unproductive – Losers lack self-awareness and never chose to engage in hard work or risky business hence become un successful and unproductive to the society in general.

5. Mean and hateful – Loser tend to be mean, angry and hates everything and everybody around them. They always blame others for their failures and do not believe they can get out of the ordeal if they try harder.

6. Critical – Losers never appreciate any good deed by others. They always wish every other person has failed as they do. They object and criticize every good effort from a successful friend, families etc.

7. Closed mindedness – Losers tend to keep to themselves and do not associate with any successful colleague afraid of been exposed or identified as a loser.

8. Irresponsibility – To the losers, it’s nothing to lose game. They do not care and do not take responsibility for their actions instead they keep blaming others for their failure. Losers are hurting people who hurts others because they lacks self-awareness and hasn’t chosen to do the hard work needed to heal, change, and grow. A more practical description of a loser is found when you contrast that person’s behavior with that of healthy people. Losers pass on blame to others for their failure.

Successful people take personal responsibility for their bad choices and admit their mistakes. Losers prefer to stay the same and don’t see the need for change and growth. Healthy people want to learn and grow. Losers, like healthy people, have junk and sin in their lives, but losers make excuses for it.

Active people work to overcome their problems and not be controlled by their past. They move beyond it. Losers stay stuck in self-pity. Successful people bounce back from failure and loss even when it’s hard. Losers act out their feelings instead of talking about them with their friends or families.

Losers avoid pain at all cost. Successful people understand pain is a part of living and growing and learn how to best deal with it.

If you tread through life being self-centered and do not care about anyone else you’re a loser. Being a loser isn’t about how you view yourself, or what wonderful things you can do for yourself, rather it’s your unwillingness to contribute back to community.

When you consistently exhibit the qualities of a loser, you are a loser, no matter what you think or how you pretend. People in your social life will eventually figure you out, so instead of living in an endless cycle of insecurity, all you have to do is reverse all of the above qualities and you’re well on your way to being a winner. No one is born loser. You become a loser only when you stop trying.

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