Total Rejection

Total rejection

Total rejection was about a handsome young man who believe pretty women would always love him no matter what, and prefers to deal with beautiful women with no strings attached. If a man is rejected by more than three girls, there is something terribly wrong with him. That’s the case with Jason Bidds. He was a handsome and talented young man, but quickly became a narcissist and egocentric professional footballer who only wants to play around, with beautiful hot girls with no string attached. But got totally rejected when he wanted to get serious, marry and settle down. Jason developed his egocentric characteristics not knowing that life in the real world, is a different ball game from what he did in high school. He is blessed with every feature any woman is looking for in a man, but his hidden bad characters comes out after sleeping with each girl – a mannerism no woman wants from her lover.

He knew his qualities and decided to take advantage of the beautiful girls in the school and quickly became darling of virtually every beautiful girl in school. Emy developed sincere love with Jason but, not knowing she is only wasting her time. He only wanted to play and nothing serious. She wanted to introduce him to her wealthy parents on several occasions, but he never showed interest. However, she wanted to be identified as his college sweet heart, and eventually continue the relationship after graduation, but it’s not the life style Jason wanted. He only want to play with pretty chicks and nothing more than that.

Total rejection 2

His girlfriend, became pregnant, everyone was expecting him to settle down with her but instead, he abandoned her with her pregnancy, to the astonishment of his friends, and team mates. It became a national news, internet and social media went viral as Emy dropped out of school in shame. Her parents devastated by the news and, wanted to take action but she didn’t want to be dragged around. Jason’s only reply was that she only wanted to use pregnancy to pin him down for marriage, but it won’t work. Though he wasn’t on denial of the pregnancy, his is only not interested in settling down as she had planned. He became so entrenched to his handsomeness that, he believe that all the beautiful girls are dying to kiss him. Despite his notorious behavior, pretty girls crave for his love anywhere he went.

He went on to sign a lucrative contract with one of the big clubs and now a professional football player. But one grave problem still hangs on the balance – he went on with his narcissist and egocentric life style. Never give damn what anybody think about him. Amanda was a beautiful and traditional home girl, totally in contrast to hot chicks he likes to hand out with. Though as a playboy, Jason poses one good quality that everyone admires; he is a cheerful giver. Jason made a casual proposal to Amanda just to satisfy his friend’s curiosity. He is a very handsome, rich professional football player but he cannot buy love. He has everything that attracts women to men, but the girls all rejecting him. Jason wants to try out on the Latino girls after ruling out Asian and black chicks. Definitely, he will still end up been rejected, because he refused to follow the girls safe approach. He keeps on forcing women to adhere to his quick start strategy. It has not worked for him and will probably never work. But Jason is adamant to listen and not ready for a change.

Total rejection 3

He donates almost ten percent of his total earnings to different charitable organizations and participates in every community events. He gives money out to street beggars and anyone in need of immediate help. Jason has a good heart. His only problem is the issue with women and his love life.

Jason moved to Europe. His first girlfriend was a virgin. She wanted to tell him after meeting her parents, but he was not patient to have a virgin girlfriend. She invited Jason to meet her parents first before they proceed but the playboy rejected the move instantly. He only prefer hot chicks ready for action and not a virgin.

His dream of playing the game he loved in England was shattered when he was sacked by his club due to rape charges. Though He was advised against hot wild girls preying on rich footballers in England in particular, but all those fell on deaf ears.

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