Wasted Beauty

Wasted beauty

Wasted beauty is a story of a young girl who became a rich beauty queen, after her mother committed suicide. She believed her beauty was wasted because she didn’t shear it with the man who finally became her husband and father of her four kids. Though she was trying to avoid same life mistakes by her late famous mother, but almost destroy her own life by setting impossible marital terms that turned off potential suitors. Jasmine Jones was a beauty and brain fashion model and a former miss universe who dropped out of school to focus on modelling. She was lured into early marriage to a rich fashion designer, who abandoned her shortly after giving birth to her daughter Jane. After her divorce, caring for little Jane, and trying to start over becomes hard, and impossible to cope with. Everyone deserted her and no help coming from any source. She could not handle the situation any longer and decided to take her own life. Jane grew up and was trying to avoid the same early marital mistake her famous mother made at the prime of her career, but not knowing that she has over stretched her marriage terms by setting almost impossible conditions that drove away possible suitors. Though, she likes to settle down at some points and have kids, but the problem is, at what age?

Some potential suitors who wanted to try, were immediately discouraged by their relatives on the grounds, that she only welcome super rich young men. So she was isolated to the demise of grand-ma, who had wanted to see her grand-child grew up and get married just like every other young girl in the town. But instead, the famous beauty queen messed up her life, due in part to the controversies surrounding her mother’s death and the impossible relationship approach she set for the men. Nobody tells Jane what to do or how to live her life. She is an iron lady who doesn’t care much about advice, and seldom consider her grand-ma’s opinion.

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As a beauty queen, she believe she rules the world, and would not like to be under any man’s domination. Jane tried to use her money and influence to lure the young wealthy men into marriage, but they were only after her money and not interested in serious relationship hence, Jane is becoming a “sugar mommy” for young boys. She got the taste of three marriages at different stages of her life – married a rich young man who gives no damn and don’t care about her, desperately married to a lazy gigolo who only wants her money and finally married and got into real love with a compatible average Joe, who gave her the real love she has been looking for, and was blessed with four kids, and a charitable organization named after her famous mother. Jane made a catastrophic mistake by her desperate moves. She became a pimp to herself, paying for her own engagement rings and sponsoring her wedding with a professional gigolo who quickly realized her desperation and took advantage of it. Never show a man or a woman that you are desperate for love. If you needed the marriage so desperately like Jane, just keep it to yourself, smile and let things move a little faster than normal and don’t do anything to jeopardize it. By that, your partner would never know how desperate you are. That was the move Jane applied when she decided to try online dating for the second time and met Mark online.

From their first date till he visited her home, she kept calm, and didn’t let him know how desperate she was. She didn’t want to repeat the desperation mistake made on her date with the gigolo. By all means, she desperately wanted to get married to Mark and have her dreamed two kids, but at the same time, she knew things could be messed up if Mark realized how desperate she was.

However, Mark seem to be even more desperate than Jane, as it’s been long time since his first wife died. However, they are both desperate to have kids and that was the keyword that sealed their love. Jane considered her beauty wasted, due to the fact that, she did not shear much of that with the man she finally loved, married and settled down with her.

She would have preferred her husband, the man she loved and the father of her kids to enjoy that beauty and her elegant features, but it was not possible, due to her stringent marriage rules and she blamed nobody but herself. Though it’s good to stick to dreams, but it’s best to know when that dream becomes unattainable.

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