What Made You Think I Love You

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Matt is a handsome guy who had all the good qualities that sent women fidgeting on a simple contact. Though from a wealthy background, but most girls would describe him as a gigolo who preys only on wealthy women. He uses the online dating sites to his advantage as he can collect as many beautiful and rich chicks as he could, and schedule dates at intervals. But there is one big issue that scares away every girl that he dates – he is impotent. He turns heads wherever he went and was perceived to have broken several young girl’s hearts until he met Jane. She is a pretty and romantic easy going hot chick, who loves to dance and have good time. She is a hard nut to crack and the type that condones no nonsense from any man. Jane is a tall and beautiful girl that every man dreams of having as girlfriend, but she is also the type that won’t hesitate to engage any man in a physical fracas. She is a bossy type who commands men to dance to her tunes. Matt got home disappointed and frustrated not only for coming home empty handed, but for wasting his time communicating, calling and texting his girlfriend for almost a month. They had planned to meet at the club that night, but she did not show up, and looking for an alternative, he went to a nearby club where he met Jane on the dancing floor as she was dancing alone. Quickly introduce himself, as she went to work almost immediately, rocked Matt the way he has never experienced and the gigolo went loose and almost forgot his mission.

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Matt, totally disappointed by the absence of his date, now changed course, and focused attention to his newly catch hot chick. As Jane rock him on the dancing floor, he immediately plan for a quick one night stand, but Jane has other plans. She is not interested in one night stand instead, looking for a lasting love relationship. Matt could not believe as she opted to go home alone after the club, and instead promised to see him again if he likes to proceed on relationship. Gigolo has no choice but to accept – he cannot say no to whatever comes from that angel’s mouth. They agreed to meet again next weekend at the MC Donald. Getting home, Matt could not still believe he met and danced with that gorgeous lady, and instantly concluded that his disappointment was a blessing in disguise, and could not wait for the weekend to meet his new queen again. He arrived at the restaurant much earlier and went to sit at a strategic location where he will see his date clearly as she walks into the restaurant. Not white long before a giant majestic figure in a designer eye glass walked in, looked around and, walked towards him. Matt was very pleased as the beautiful girl approached him with a smile. Jane is a classic chick who turns heads anywhere she went. She is really a dream girl any man could not afford to miss, and Matt loved her almost instantly, and couldn’t wait to start their relationship.

Jane was not interested in any food, as she minds her weight and was on a diet. She instead, likes to walk around the mall, and go dancing later in the night, and Matt was exactly looking for the same. He appreciated the gesture as they went around holding hands in some instances. Two short hours later, they headed to the next street to dance at a Hip Hop club. Jane loves to dance as that was her only means of exercise, and soon as they came in, she went straight to the dancing floor and, started displaying some romantic moves that no man could resist, and Matt did not waste any time joining her, as other men stood by watching her moving and displaying those lovely figures. This is what Matt is exactly looking for in his first date who disappointed. The two rocked and rolled on the floor to the admiration of everyone in the club, including the club owner who, instantly offered them free drinks and urged them to visit his club regularly.

Late night after dancing, they are both tired, Jane actually wanted to sleep with him but also wanted to proof that she is a hard nut to crack. Therefore, wanted to be dropped in her house which is near-by. Without hesitation, Matt accepted and they drove off still on that romantic overtures, which Matt could not resist. He suggested going to his home, before she softly asked him! “What made you think I love you?”

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Matt could not give instant reply, paused for some seconds before replying, “We are meeting for the second time. That means, we like each other on our first meeting. I like you and wanted to meet you again probably to get to know you, and who knows, everything is possible for those who try. At that point, she accepted his offer and they went to his home. Despite those sexy romantic dancing moves, she still likes to respect her values, and didn’t want to look cheap as Matt might have concluded. She threw herself on the sofa, meaning an open invitation as he continued the romantic advances, and sexual overtures till late in the night before Jane suddenly got up in anger and rage, castigating him for not been able to perform She buttons up her rumpled dress, grab her bag, and wanted to leave before Matt started shading tears to the astonishment of a lady who has just been disappointed by her boyfriend. She wanted a romance and to have him all night, but he could not perform. Matt is suffering from “Erectile Dysfunction.” He was trying to arouse himself for the long period she has been waiting, but nothing happened. Matt is an impotent man who has been looking for a cure. His first date did not want to meet him again due the same reason. They had been meeting for several months but he could not perform – a gesture no woman appreciates.

As she stood by watching an able bodied man shading tears, wanted to know why. Matt said! “I would like to share one issue with you, I am impotent and have been looking in vain for a cure. Ever since we came in, I have been trying to get aroused but could not. I am sorry if I have disappointed you but there is nothing I could do. I do not have any feeling to propel a romantic action. It’s very obvious that Matt need help from medical experts, but unfortunately, Jane is not among those people, and was not in any mood for a compromise. Jane loved him and wanted to proceed and get to know him, but Matt has an issue that no woman would want to endure. Matt new his problem, and probably thought he could use his good looking features and great personality to lure woman into marriage. Jane is a beautiful hot chick who likes to be pampered, romanced, and treated like a woman, and there is no way she would get that from an impotent man. Therefore, it all boils down to her first question.

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