Bullied and Rejected Souls

When two bullied souls meet

Bullied and rejected couple met in a funny, bizarre and yet contemporary way proofing the saying that “not every child is born with good fortune” correct. Dave was not as good looking and smart as most other kids, and was perceived as an ugly boy with disabilities hence became an object of caricature, bully and rejection from his first day in grade school. It’s very obvious to note that nothing destroys a child than been bullied from grade school, high school and through college. Dave is one of those unlucky kids. Though his other siblings were normal but the debate and issues of his ugly features lingered on which made his father suspecting if his mother have had a fling with another man, but his mother is a respected woman in the community and the last woman on earth to cheat on her husband. Therefore, such idea was quickly squashed and brushed out as he kept growing with nothing changing as expected of a young kid with fast growing hormones. As normal young boys do play around with their girl counter parts, he could not join because the small girls and some mindful, and curious bully-boys always avoided any form of physical body contact with him, believing they would contract the disease that made him deformed. In consolation, he had pretended to be sick, just to avoid been included in any game. Though, he really wanted to play with his peers but didn’t want to scare away some boys and all the girls who would withdrew soon as he joined.

It was initially perceived as just an early childhood growth issues but, the bigger he gets, the more uglier his face and general features becomes and more people get scared away by unusual features, devastating his youthful life and isolating him from everyone else especially the young girls who have avoided playing with him completely. There is nothing wrong with him physically, other than feature issues. In other school activities, he was indeed the strongest among the guys, but whenever he joined in any game or play, the girls all drop out, and wouldn’t like to play nearer to him, let alone touching him. His dis-heartening ordeal has now lasted through high school without having any close woman friend let alone girlfriend which all high school boys and girls of his age aspire to before graduation. Other boys all have high school girlfriends as normal young boys do, but Dave had none. Not on purpose, but simply because the girls all rejected him due to the bully and the way he looked. No girl wants to be associated with an ugly boy been bullied by virtually all the aggressive bully-boys in the school.

bullied and rejected souls

Dave has been caught several times shading tears on his way home, reporting the bullying, rejection and isolation to his parents who went on convincing him things would be alright and everything would be in other soon as he got to a certain age. But he had been enduring the humiliation ever since day one, through grade school, high school, and definitely would continuing the humiliation and bullying to college. As their responsibility, his parents had advised him to be bold and use his super intelligence to ward off the bullying and isolation, but it’s not possible to ward off the bully-boys when you actually look different from anyone else, and the girls in particular are too scared to get nearer?

He is not disabled in any physical form, not retarded, not a gay, and definitely not impotent. He only got bizarre features that made him look different from everybody else. Due to the nature of his physical features, his parents gave up plans of having any more kid, scared of having another weird kid like Dave. Due to the bully, rejection, and isolation, he finished high school a virgin, not on purpose, but was subjected to, and eventually will complete a five year college course without touching or kissing, let alone sleeping with a girl or having a regular girlfriend just like other boys. His parent’s greatest concern is that he is getting into college with none of the features changed as they had earlier promised, and eventually the more matured girls in the college would reject every association with him as the bully-boys are already waiting to trash him.

Though he was gifted with super intelligence in science subjects, but it’s not enough to win him friendships with the girls or stop the aggressive boys from bullying him. Knowing what is awaiting him in the college, he opted to attend only boys-college, but there was no such college. He did not want to be subjected to online education either when he is physically fit to attend college like every other kid in town. Dave and Carol were subjected to intensive bullying and rejection by the same people who should have protected them.

bullied and rejected souls 2