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Who Is A Loner?

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Who is a loner? What makes a loner? These are everyday questions that comes to mind whenever an individual is described as a loner. Its often been a joke and fun calling someone a loner either because he/she doesn’t play active role in either school activities or social gatherings but as maturity steps in one began to show some loner personality traits that characterizes some loner syndromes. Before we proceed, its apparent to define who is a loner and what constitutes a loner in layman terms. There are several definitions that constitutes been a loner, quiet loner, happy Loner, natural loner, social loner, lonely loner just to name a few.

A loner is a person who avoids or does not actively seek human interaction or prefers to be alone most of the time, someone that likes being alone, and is happy with what they are. Loners are Often called freaks because the general public find it hard to understand the “leave me alone” phrase. Some people simply prefer isolation some times for just no apparent reason. They believe they can reflect freely, mature faster, seek knowledge, reach goals more easily and focus more on tasks if left alone and undisturbed. Disconnected from the people around them, they are more likely to make their own decisions and avoid pressure from friends, families etc. Some such loners may refuse to interact with others because of perceived or actual superiority in terms of ethics or intellect, and so relate only to individuals they consider worthy of their time and attention. This type of loner may have very few intimate relationships, within which they may socialize greatly and feel happy. Some famous, social and quiet loners prefer only to interact with their inner circle fellow loners and if a stranger enters the group, they quietly disperse.

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Others may isolate themselves out of self-hatred, or self-consciousness. Social anxiety is white common in loners interactions with others. They mostly believe that people are constantly sizing up their attributes, and worry they will be judged negatively. Many can socialize only with people they see and interact with constantly. They often times feel social alienation even though their isolation is self imposed and can only be changed by themselves.

There are many reasons for solitude, intentional or otherwise, and loner does not imply a specific cause. Intentional reasons include spiritual and religious considerations or personal philosophies. Unintentional reasons involve temperament, being highly sensitive, having more extreme forms of shyness, or various mental disorders, being introverted or prefer quiet over commotion. The term loner can be used with a negative connotation in the belief that human beings are social creatures and those that do not participate are deviants. Being a loner is sometimes depicted culturally as a positive personality trait, as indicative of being independent and responsible but guess that trait seems to have faded away with cause of time.

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Notable Types of loners:

a. The loser loner – Loser loners are the one who does their own thing as they want it, doesn’t really care what others think, rejects people’s ideas and only prefer to follows their own initiatives. Though they Usually end up been popular in some way despite their aversion to popularity in general. They always have some nice people approaching them for friendship yet they prefer to do their own thing. A loser loner is also a type of guy who doesn’t have good social skills, No confidence and full of jealous traits. The one who never gets the girl, the money or the friends. The dumb guy who nobody notices. The one who feels invisible around women. The one who nobody wants to spend time with. Known socially as the boring guy, the ‘friendless’ guy, the invisible man who have to act out to get attention.

b. Introvert Loner – A shy or reserved person who prefers to do his/her own thing and hates been interrupted.

c. The cool loner – A cool loner is a person who avoids human interaction and prefers to be alone most of the time, someone that likes being alone, and is happy with what they are.

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d. Social Loner – This kind of Loners are Often called freaks because the general public find it hard to understand the “leave me alone” phrase.

e. Quiet loner – Quiet Loners are the one who does their own thing, doesn’t really care what others think, rejects other people’s ideologies. Usually ends up been popular in some way despite their aversion to popularity in general. They always have nice people approaching them for friendship yet they prefer to do their own thing.

f. lonely loner – These are loners who doesn’t have good social skills, no confidence in themselves and full of jealous traits. They are also described as the one who never gets the girl or the boy, the money or the friends. The dumb guy who nobody notices. The one who feels invisible around women. The one who nobody wants to spend time with. Known as ‘the boring guy’, the ‘friendless’ guy, the invisible man.

However, How would you describe your self – A social butterfly, A cool loner, loser loner, Introvert Loner, Social Loner, Quiet loner, lonely loner ? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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