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Most of the foods go wasted while people go hungry on the street. Searching for free foods in your area and beyond? Here are some easy ways! There are hundreds of restaurants in every cranny of the city where kids and adults alike can eat as much as they want for free. However, great number of notable charitable organizations have also established good gestures to assist people who cannot otherwise afford three square meals a day. If you are looking for free foods in your area, here are some legitimate sites and links that will help you remedy the situation. This page is all about finding all the free foods available in areas around you and even beyond. For those interested, we have assembled most of the free food joints in one website for easy and fast searching and also to enable you browse through various free food links available in other areas. However, various companies have cashed in on the opportunity and teamed up with major restaurants to use the free food programs as promotional tools to market new products. And there maybe some online surveys to taste customer opinions on a new product though, most are optional and paid surveys. If you want free food on regular basis, better to take the paid surveys as that gives you additional income.

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