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Searching for free Dolls and Dolls making patterns? Looking for Barbie dolls, American girl, Sasha or any particular brand? Whatever kind of dolls you are looking for, we have them all here, and you can receive them at your door step or by mail for free, courtesy of generous manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who often giveaway free dolls as promotional tools to attract new potential customers. However, if you like to receive free dolls, we got you covered. Send your free request for any type of doll, and you get thousands of free offers from several companies and other sources. As a freebie fan, we have assembled most of the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and freebie sites in one website for quick browsing and also to give you more searching options to find the best dolls that suites your purpose. Search through all the links, accept the terms and conditions. There might be some online surveys to compliment the freebies. But if you want the best quality dolls on regular basis, take the surveys.

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