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Looking for free homestay? Did you know that you can make lots of extra money with that empty room in your apartment, condominium or mansion? Instead of leaving it empty, rent out the spare room and earn extra income. Shear your home and benefit from hospitality. Learn how to shear your home with a traveler or find a home stay yourself. Homestay business is a two-way win win enterprise for those traveling on a low budget, and those willing to rent and share their empty rooms with a stranger for free or rather very cheap price compared to regular hotel room rate. Study has shown that staying on a working farm or in the home of a local family can offer an intimate glimpse of what life is in a different environment. It can also be an inexpensive or even free way to travel around without worrying about the expenses. Homestay is a form of tourism or in a way, study abroad that allows visitors to rent rooms from local families. It is sometimes used by people who wish to improve their language skills and become familiar with the local lifestyle.

Most tourist destination countries in Asia and South America in particular, encourage homestay as a means of developing their tourism industry and encourage valuable tourists to stay longer. Hosting a homestay participant allows the host family to earn an income. Students tend to arrange a homestay with their school or educational institution, but they can informally arrange one through social connections and private agencies that connect students with hosts families, usually for a nominal fee or free in special cases. The ultimate goal of a homestay is for the tourists and students alike to be immersed in their hosts culture. They may participate in family activities, including dining out, going to amusement parks, camping, and traveling. The visiting tourists/students may be expected to pay a portion of the activity-related costs, such as tickets, parking, gas and travel expenses.

Host families can play a significant parental role like giving advice and sometimes supervising their visitors activities. In some instances, families act as cross-cultural advisers, helping their visitors understand and adjust to their new culture. However, for students with working homestay agreements, the student is expected to perform duties such as yard work, farm work, babysitting, or maid services to name a few. If you intend to travel to several destinations on a cheap budget, homestay is the best option, and you can find as many free and very cheap homestay families from the links below. However, for those willing to share their home with a stranger, browse through and find interesting tourists and students willing to rent your empty room for a period of time.

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