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Looking for online fax? Did you know that you can now send fax online free? Who said the good old fax system through a traditional phone network is dead? Fax is still alive, and can now be done free online – courtesy of modern technology. So what is online fax and how was it differentiated from the traditional fax through phone network? Online fax is the use of the Internet Protocol to send a fax (facsimile), rather than using only phone networks with a fax machine. Internet fax includes “web fax” and “email fax,” along with VoIP fax, which is the use of Voice over Internet Protocol to send a fax. However, Fax has no technical advantage over sending information over the Internet, using technologies such as email, scanner, and graphics file formats; however, it is extremely simple to use: put the documents to be faxed in a hopper, dial a phone number, and press a button. Fax continues to be used over the telephone network at locations without computer and Internet facilities; and sometimes a fax of a document with a person’s handwritten signature is a requirement for legal reasons. Computer fax over the Internet allows fax communication without an actual fax machine at either or both ends.

Internet fax achieves a dramatic reduction in communication costs especially when long faxes are frequently exchanged with overseas or distant offices. Since there is no telephone connection charge when sending a fax over the Internet, the cost of sending faxes is covered entirely by the fixed line Internet connection fee. The recipient machine must also be compatible with Internet fax. Hard copy is converted to TIFF or PDF data and attached to an e-mail in MIME format. Then, taking advantage of a connection to the office LAN, data is sent via TCP/IP directly to any Internet Fax on the Internet. Because they make use of TCP/IP, Internet Faxes do not incur long-distance transmission costs and reception is verifiable. The Internet has enabled the development of several other methods of sending and receiving a fax. The more common method is an extension of computer-based faxing, and involves using a fax server gateway to the Internet to convert documents between faxes and emails. The process is often referred to as “fax to mail”. This technology offers the advantage of dispensing with the machine as well as the additional telephone line, and because of this, has started to replace the traditional fax machine. If you love freebies, and likes to send free fax online without spending any money, browse the links and accept the terms. You might be required to render some simple services such as surveys, but they are not mandatory.

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