How To Find Free Stuff

how to find free stuff

You heard about people living on free stuff or free samples, but you do not know how or even where they are located. Thousands of freebies can be obtained online. The trick to taking advantage of this lucrative potential is in knowing where to find these promotions. If you know the right places to look, it’s possible to find and get all your favorite free stuff without spending a dime.
People argue that they have been signing up for different kinds of freebies, but still haven’t received anything – Where are the free stuffs?” They are all over the place. You must have to device a means to find them or adopt a method already used by others.

Here are some methods you can adopt. They have been used successfully by other freebie lovers.

There are many sites that distribute a diversity of free stuff. Now it’s show time. Enter the phrase “free stuff” into your search box.

Use any search engine or preferably, the usual once like Google or IP or Firefox. If you are looking for a particular item, but cannot seem to find it, use a search engine.

Enter the item you are looking for into the search box along with the word “free.”

If you do not receive a good results, enter the term “+ free” enclosing your phrase with quotation marks. Definitely this will limit your results to the specific phrase you are looking for.

They are scattered everywhere. Many people are surprised to learn of the wide selection of free stuff available simply by knowing where to look. While there are free things that tend to be low priced or low quality, there are many items that are of actual value. In addition to tangible items, some free stuff is in the form of services, information, or advice. Depends on what you are looking for.

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Know What You Are Looking For

One of the first steps on how to get free stuff is by being precise as to what you really want or need. However, there are broad selection of opportunities, hence giving you the luxury of being selective. For instance, if you are a mom, your choice of free stuff would be baby items, or if you love music, your focus would be on DVDs and CDs being offered for free.

By having a list of things most interested in finding, the search becomes easier and less time-consuming. Although some resources provide actual free stuff or links to where free stuff can be found, others are more focused on one or a few specific things. Therefore, if you know what kind of stuff you want or need, you have a much better chance of completing a successful search.

Know Where To Look

Another tip regarding how to find free stuff is to consider all possible resources. One of the more obvious is the internet where literally hundreds of websites offering something free can be found. However, while the internet is without doubt a wealth of opportunity it is not the only place to consider. For example, there are companies that provide free stuff for a variety of things simply by registering directly on the company’s website.

In addition, a great option on how to find free stuff would be to ask friends or solicit for freebie information. However, because this has become a popular way of getting free items, many people can share an experience and provide the place where they were able to obtain freebies. Therefore, if you know of someone who does this, it would be helpful to ask names of specific resources that you too could research on and probably obtain your own free stuff.

Other Free Stuff Opportunities

Some companies do also consider offering services in exchange for free stuff, this is also a new popular trend. For example, working as a mystery shopper. You would be assigned a job that might involve eating in a restaurant or shopping at a specific store. Once the assignment is complete and your report is submitted, the company would pay you money or the meal or item purchased would be free. This is a new method of getting free stuff.

Another example on how to get free stuff by providing a service is with opinions. Seriously, marketing companies look for dedicated people to provide opinions on products or services used. The information is then used to determine saleability of a product/service, which makes it possible for a powerful marketing strategy to be developed. For providing an opinion, you would again be paid money or sent a gift card, given a discount, or provided with an actual tangible gift free. Though this is still not very popular, but it’s gaining momentum.

You can also use community based sites, where free stuff is given such as Freecycle, and Craigslist. Use Freecycle, as Freecycle was made to exchange free items in your community.

Get Free Stuff on Craigslist. Here you have the options to see every available free stuff and the companies offering them.

Sign in with a free email account and use it just for your freebie hunting. It’s not recommendable to use your personal email address when signing up for freebies because the advertisers will flood your inbox with spam mails.

Try to get a free phone number from Google voice and use it just for your freebie hunting. And, never give out your own personal phone number when signing up for freebies, to avoid those annoying solicitation calls from inquisitive callers.

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Sign up for as many offers as you can get, because not every offer will deliver. Make it a habit to sign up for as many offers as possible to increase your chances of getting eighty percent of the offers at least

You must have to be patient. Most free stuff take a long time to deliver, in some cases, it can take up to weeks or even months to deliver. Apply for offers at different intervals so you could receive them at different dates.

Great expectations. Always expect nothing in your inbox, so that when you receive something in the mail, you’ll be thrilled and grateful. It has been proven that having no expectation in your email box has made freebie hunting much more fun and exciting.

If you still cannot find your favorite freebies after exhausting all avenues, try contacting other freebie lovers and hunters who have shared their experience online or at the company websites.

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