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If you live in Russia and looking for freebies, we have good news for you. Free stuff are everywhere, but they are scattered in every nook and crannies of the country therefore, you must have to find a means of locating them. However, here you can easily get the free stuff from the providers locally but its also possible to get the free stuff from another country depending on the company policies. At the same time, you have to browse through the pages, find the free stuff that is useful to you and follow the instructions on how to get them. Please note that just because the stuff are free does not mean abusing the program however, its meaningless getting stuff that you do not need as that only denies others the opportunity of finding their own free stuff therefore, get only the freebies you need. There are some rules of engagement you should know and adhere to before you start getting free stuff and samples from the manufacturers. Avoid being greedy and never request for more than you need so others can also enjoy the privilege. Most products are marked with “No resale” sign therefore, collecting free sample stuff or freebies with the intention of reselling then to make quick cash is a clear violation of company policies and should be avoided by all means. The best way to enjoy companies best quality free stuff is to be fair to them and sometimes buy some of their products through a commercial promotion called “Buy one take one”. Its indirect way of giving out free stuff to old customers. To get the free stuff and other freebies of your choice, just browse through below free stuff sites and links to find out how to get them without spending any money.

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