5 Reasons Why You Don’t Receive Free Stuff From Companies

5 Reasons Why You Don't Recieve Free Stuff From Companies

Wondering why you are not getting the free stuff and samples you requested after all the emails and phone calls? Many people complain that they don’t get the free stuff after sending series of requests. There are several factors that could or rather would affect your chances of getting the free stuff samples from the companies. Discover other freebies and free giveaways. Here are 5 reasons that could prevent the companies from sending you the free stuff samples you requested.

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1 – Been Selective

Who doesn’t like high quality stuff or product samples? But when it comes to given things away for free, the pride of quality seems to derail. The receivers of free stuff doesn’t seem to have choice here, they have to go for anything that is classified as free stuff irrespective of quality or value.
However, if you kept on selecting the quality of free stuff that the company or organization will send to you, the chances are, they will drop your request by the side and pay more attention to those with no special demands. They will definitely send all available free stuff to people ready to receive anything specified as free stuff before considering your request. Don’t be selective.

2 – Regular Request

It’s not a good idea to bombard companies with requests every month. Several people specially those with large families send requests for free stuff regularly than others. You have to be reasonable, knowing that several other families in your category are looking for the same free stuff. Though the companies will never complain, but when it comes to distribution of free stuff, they pay more attention to those new receivers. However, if you send requests regularly, you might not be getting the freebies frequently as you may have anticipated. Therefore, send your free request only when you have real need for the free stuff sample.

3 – Company Policy

There are rules and regulations guiding everything that companies does, and free stuff is no exemption. The companies and organizations giving away free stuff and free samples have policies – guide lines which they follow on regular basis, and any body who did not follow those policies have no chance of getting any free stuff. However, some companies have the policy of demanding for an online surveys from customers before sending out freebies and if you refused or forgot to take those surveys, they will not reply your request, hence kept you waiting indefinitely for the free stuff.

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4 – No Clear Address

One of the key requirements of getting all your requested freebies is to state your contact address very clearly so the company will just send freebies to your address with ease. If your address is complicated, the freebies might be sent to wrong address and in some cases returned back to sender and that is not good because the companies will not send anymore free stuff to that address. You have to give a clear address to get your freebies on time. Returning freebies back to the companies is a bad news for the freebie fan because the companies will never send any free stuff to that address. Therefore, if you have no home address of your own, find someone who does, and make an agreement to allow you collect your freebies via that address.

5 – Wrong Request

Requesting for free stuff is one things and getting it is another. The issue here is that some people cannot write down the words and numbers clearly on the request form and that leads to sending you wrong free stuff or a long delay in trying to figure out what you filled in the form. Make sure you send a request that clearly stated what free stuff or free samples you need. The companies are very smart when it comes to sending free stuff samples to their customers. They have tract records of free samples sent to every customer, and record shows that some customers are getting too many free stuff and samples of different products and re-selling them for quick cash. Kindly note that its against the company policy. Guess they came up with an idea of marking all free samples in particular. If you check most of the free sample products, you can see its marked, “Free Sample not for Sale”.

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The companies are delaying sending free stuff and free samples in particular to customers who bombard them with free requests, and instead, send the free stuff samples to new customers with no previous record. Just get only the free stuff samples you need and allow others to get the same. Just because the products are free does not mean you should fill up your house with free stuff samples and deny others from getting their own share. However, whatever lesson or advice you get from any site is only a suggestion, you are still responsible for your actions. You must have to follow your instinct and be smart enough to make wise choices so you can get all the free stuff and samples you need. The trick is, if you want to get free stuff or free samples of different items without interruption, be street smart and send a clear request to several companies at intervals and make sure you are not selective, don’t violate company policy and indicate a very clear home address.

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