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Believe it or not, World population is over 7 billion and growing. How can the world feed itself when most of the foods go wasted? The world must adopt a “Free Food Give Away Program” so the poor, hungry and most vulnerable people can have all those wasted foods before they are rotten. Millions of people go hungry everyday but Government warehouses, fresh markets, supper markets, restaurants etc throw away huge amount of edible foods everyday. If you do not believe, check out any supermarket or big restaurant around you and see the foods they declare as waste. The population is growing too fast with most of the people now living in the city with little or no interest to engage in agricultural farming. How to feed 7 billion people becomes a million dollar question in everybody’s mind yet seems there is no concrete plans in place to provide any kind of free food vouchers or free food coupons to the most vulnerable.

Food crises don’t just affect the countries where people go hungry, it’s a global challenge that affects all human race irrespective of where you reside. The mistake is that the world forgets conflicts that are beyond the attention of the media and instead focus on more current conflicts and the devastated and war ravaged communities are left at the mercy of food aid agencies for handouts instead of a sustainable agricultural programs that will alleviate their problems permanently or a credible and sustainable cheap foods or free meal programs for everyone affected. World Food Program (WFP) through their food banks and food pantries supplies aid to about 97 million people in 80 countries, including 20 states that are mired in constant crises like Afghanistan, Haiti, Sudan or Syria but does it go far enough to totally alleviate the world poverty? NO, because more than half of that food go wasted in storage or cold stores due to bad management.

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How to Utilize and Distribute unsold foods.

1. We have to start from the food vendors – Government warehouse, supper markets or department stores, restaurants and fresh markets. These outlets waste much of the food by trying to keep their food shelf fresh daily. They get rid of soon to expire foods and instead of devising a means where by those soon to expire foods could still be consumes by the poor masses who could not afford to buy them fresh, they go on to throw them away just to proof to the low enforcement that they are following the food safety rules and regulations.

2. Free Food Give away program – The supper markets must have to device a means to give away all the food that are about to expire or has one day expiring date or even on the expiring date so that the hungry masses can consume them before or on the expiring dates. In some special cases even the expired can still be consumed as they rightly say in Africa that “Disease has no power over hungry man’s belly”. What that implies is that a person dying of hunger can easily be fed and saved even with expired food. Those supper markets wasted foods can still be consumed two or three days after throwing them away.

If you got opportunity to travel to the most poverty ridden countries and see what the people eat and still stay alive, you will see what I mean that those wasted foods at the department stores are still in perfect condition and could still save millions of lives in those war turn and hunger stricken countries.

We simply cannot allow one-third of all the food we produce to go to waste or be lost because of mismanagement and inappropriate practices, when 900 million people go hungry every day.

United nations report says that fruit wastage contributes significantly to water waste in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, while large volumes of vegetable wastage in industrialized Asia, Europe, and South and South East Asia translates into a large carbon footprint for that sector. Excluding Latin America, high-income regions are responsible for about 67 per cent of all meat waste. The waste of 1.3 billion tons of food each year is damaging to the environment and causes economic losses of US$750 billion a year, according to the UN report. The researchers found that food produced but not eaten each year guzzles up a volume of water equivalent to the annual flow of Russia’s Volga River The production of this uneaten food is responsible for adding 3.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

“All of us – farmers and fishers; food processors and supermarkets; local and national governments; individual consumers – must make changes at every link of the human food chain to prevent food wastage from happening in the first place, and re-use or recycle it when we can’t,” said José Graziano da Silva, director-general of the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, the UN agency that produced the report. This food wastage represents not only a missed opportunity to improve global food security, but also to mitigate environmental impacts and resources use from food chains, the report states.

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3. The population is growing too fast with most of the people now living in the city. To feed them all, we must device a means of giving away those wasted foods to those who need them most.

4. We must create a way to show the affected people how to get free foods.

5. Government agencies involved in food distribution must provide free coupons for foods and free baby foods for mothers who cannot afford to feed their babies.

6. The press or media networks must get involved by providing free food magazines and free cookbooks so people can easily read and know where to get the free food.

7. At the same time, local restaurants and fast food chains must be kind enough to develop a free food delivery program to once awhile give out free pizza and free hamburgers to those who cannot afford them; Free fast food coupons to enable the less privileged to enjoy certain high quality foods; Fat free foods to those conscious of their weight; Diabetic free foods and GMO free foods to those who prefer to go organic. Find best free food giveaways.

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