20 Best Sites To Learn How To Have A Blind Date

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Blind date? You must be joking; Are you kidding me? those are the first questions and expressions that comes to mind when some people hear the word – blind date. How to have a blind date. So what is blind date by the way? Here is a quick answer from a home boy – Its just meeting a new friend that you have not actually seen face to face nor seen in photos with your both eyes closed, says the street home boy on hearing that word for the first time. However, the guy was some how right at the beginning – Blind date is meeting a new friend that you have not actually seen face to face nor seen in photos, but only communicating through emails and text messages but with your eyes wide open. Its often exciting to see the person you have been talking and chatting with online face to face at a public place. With the high number of people turning to online dating, blind date is gaining much attention as some people prefer the excitement of meeting a perfect stranger after chatting on the blind date site and talking on phone. However, there are prose and cons associated with blind date of which you must have to follow if you wish to have a successful first meeting or rather a blind date.

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Successful Blind Date

a. Before you arrange to meet each other face-to-face, make sure you’ve checked him or her by telephone or by test messages as people can easily be what they are not. You want to find out his/her information to determine not only what kind of person he/she is, but also whether you have things in common to share on your first blind date.

b. Description: Both of you must have to describe each other well enough on how you’ll recognize one another. Things like – color of shirt, eye glasses, common location, etc. Good description of your date makes things simple and funny until you actually meet and exchange the first hello and hand shake.

c. Meeting Place: At first meeting, try to keep things casual and make sure your meeting at a public place – with your pepper spray hidden in your hand bag ready for use (ladies) ..just kidding but ugly things can happen especially when meeting a stranger on a blind date for the first time.

d. Bills: Its highly recommended to insist of splitting the bill. At least make the offer to show that you’re considerate and like to keep things on equal terms and not a potential liability.

e. Transportation: Don’t ever propose or accept to be picked up or dropped at your place. Keep in mind that both of you are still perfect strangers therefore, meeting at a neutral ground would be cool until you get to know each other.

f. Introduction: On your first blind date, Don’t reveal too much about your self. Keep the really personal details to yourself and talk about general issues. Just be yourself and do not overdo things as both of you are still sizing up and weighing each other. Don’t try to over-impress with exaggerations. If both of you are really meant for each other, everything will just connect instantly even on the fist blind date.

g. Distractions: Turn off your cell phone and be modest – good etiquette for any first blind date and rather normal dates.

h. Honesty: Don’t lie about your age, education, or anything as that would come back to hunt you later if you like each other and the relationship proceeds further. Some blind dates ends even before before finally meeting each other face to face.

i. Disappointment: If your disappointed and did not like what you saw and instantly decided after the first hello and handshake that you can’t spend another minute on the date, opt out as honestly as possible without hurting your new friend’s feelings.

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In other words, don’t suddenly end the date with a blatantly bogus story about how you suddenly realized you have to pick up your mother or father from the airport. Instead try to be more natural and friendly by saying, “Well it’s been nice meeting you, but I really need to get home as its getting too late.”

So there you have it – a successful or disappointed blind date, meeting face to face with the perfect stranger you have been emailing and chatting online all those months.

Always remember the saying – “A perfect stranger is only a friend in waiting”. Feel free to share your thoughts. Here’s 20 best sites to get blind dates tips.

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